Reckless Love>>The Meaning Behind the Melody


Brodon Park
Founder, Inner Cry Ministries

Cory Asbury brings real insight and understanding into the heart behind the lyrics of his fairly new and rapidly growing popular song “Reckless love of God”.

Cory’s song Reckless love is sweeping the Christian faith with widespread popularity. It seems like everywhere I turn right now, I hear this song. Early one morning a few weeks back, I woke to hear the melody in my head. This internal melody would not go away. I eventually turned the song on and listened to it several times.

Why is this song having such an affect? Is it a catchy tune or hook? It may be and the song itself is beautiful, but I would argue that there is much more behind this song than a melody or catchy phrase. This song is a heart cry of our Father in Heaven to His lost sheep.

In this particular video, Cory stops mid-song to read from his phone what seems to be his heart behind the words in the song. His well thought out phrases and words seem to go beyond the songs depth to a seemingly untouchable place in our soul. I was personally so moved by Cory’s words – their raw, frank, and simple expression of how our heavenly Father feels towards us, and just how much He loves us.

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